Zahid Hamidi’s full statement on Paul Phua’s letter | New Straits Times

Zahid Hamidi’s full statement on Paul Phua’s letter

15 JANUARY 2015 @ 12:14 PM

Home Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s full statement on Paul Phua letter.


The following is regarding the issue of my letter to the deputy director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) United States dated Dec 18 2014, in which I explained the status of a Malaysian called Paul Wei Sheng Phua or Paul Phua, who was accused of being involved in illegal gambling in the United States and who is being tried in that country’s court.

As the Minister of Home Affairs who is responsible in matters of national security, I explained the status of Paul Phua and the “14K Triad” underworld gang, as was mentioned by the Inspector General of Police:

– The “14K Triad” underworld gang does not exist in Malaysia;

– Paul Phua is not a member of the “14K Triad” underworld gang in Malaysia

On the dispute over the contents of my letter regarding Paul Phua’s alleged assistance to the government in security matters, this matter cannot be revealed as the issue of security is highly confidential and cannot be easily announced to the public. Also, official government information is protected under the Official Secrets Act 1972.

So, by using my discretion, I issued a letter to explain the status of Paul Phua to the FBI. It is not a letter of support asking them to refrain from pressing charges against Paul Phua as reported in pro-opposition portals.

I have said repeatedly that I will definitely combat all elements of gangsterism, gambling, and drugs in our country. Once again, I would like to stress that I will never compromise with unhealthy activities and this episode has strengthened my resolve to continue combating and destroying these criminal activities.

The government will definitely not support any actions of individuals, including Paul Phua, who are closely linked to any criminal organisations, if any.


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