Crime syndicate not behind UPSR leak | The Malay Mail Online

Two of the four suspects at the magistrate’s court in Putrajaya where police obtained a remand order against them. — Picture by Azinuddin GhazaliTwo of the four suspects at the magistrate’s court in Putrajaya where police obtained a remand order against them. — Picture by Azinuddin GhazaliPUTRAJAYA, Sept 18 ― The leaks in the examination papers of this year’s Primary School Achievement Test (UPSR) only involves a network of school teachers and is not the work of a crime syndicate, said Home Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

“We have detained several individuals and from information obtained by the police, they are involved in the education field at the primary school level.

“Based on this information, it (leaks) involves only individuals, but possibly with networking among them,” he added.

However, he did not say if the teachers were related.

He told this to reporters after receiving a courtesy call from Chief of the Palestinian Civil Police (PCP) Major General Hazem Atallah at his office here today.

Ahmad Zahid said investigations would also be conducted to determine whether those arrested were responsible for the leaks in examination papers reported in previous years.

He also said more arrests would be made.

As of yesterday, police have detained 12 individuals ― 10 teachers, an insurance agent and an engineer ― to facilitate investigations into the leaks in the 2014 UPSR examination papers.

Eighteen people have also been called by the police for their statements.

Following the leaks, English papers 014/1 and 014/2 were cancelled after pupils had sat for the papers last Thursday, while the examinations for the Science 018, 028 and 038 papers were postponed before the pupils could sit for them on the same day last week.

The Examinations Syndicate has fixed September 30 as the new date for the pupils to sit for the examinations in the two subjects.

Meanwhile, when asked on the action by Kuching Member of Parliament Chong Chieng Jen in associating the playing of the national anthem in cinemas with the communist era, Ahmad Zahid said Chong should show respect for the “Negaraku” anthem.

“As a politician, despite from a different party, Chong should respect the anthem. He should be able to differentiate between his political stand and loyalty to the country.

“I am happy that he has withdrawn the post and apologised, meaning that he realises his mistake,” he added.

Chong, of the DAP, drew criticism on Tuesday for questioning in his Facebook account the playing of the national anthem in cinemas during the Merdeka Day and Malaysia Day celebrations.

He had stated, among other things: “Since when has this playing national anthem in cinemas started? Is Malaysia heading towards the communist Mao era where everywhere you go you must shout out loud and show that you are a patriot?”

However, after getting negative reactions from other users of the social website, Chong apologised and deleted the post. ― Bernama


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