UMNO ELECTION 2013: New election format a transformational effort – Zahid

19 October 2013| last updated at 12:11PM

UMNO ELECTION 2013: New election format a transformational effort – Zahid

By AKIL YUNUS | news

BAGAN DATOH: Umno vice-president candidate Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has praised the party’s new election system, which he said was "transformational effort", despite the hiccups and glitches faced in its first time of implementation.

"With this new election format, Umno has transferred the authority to the grassroots leaders to decide the party’s future leadership, and this was reflected in the results of the party wings last week.

"I believe the simulation briefings held prior to the election has made the transition much smoother for the delegates who are voting. It is not easy, but we have seen a significant success rate so far," he told reporters after casting his vote at the division’s headquarters here today.

He said several improvements would need to be made, but praised the party’s election committee for taking heed and resolving the technical glitches which had surfaced.
Zahid also urged all the candidates at the divisional and national level to accept the results to be announced later today.

"If there were disputes between candidates due to the strong competition throughout this period, they should bury the hatchet once the results are announced and work together for the good of the party," he said.

Zahid, refused to label himself as a favourite to defend his vice-presidency post, saying that the attention given to him could backfire.
"It is a burden for me to be labelled a favourite, as there will be those in the party who will feel uneasy with that much attention given to me. However, I hope it will not affect the support I have enjoyed thus far. Popularity must translate into votes," he said.

Meanwhile, Zahid, who is also the Home Minister, denied allegations that the Ops Cantas Khas and Ops Cantas Wanita conducted by PDRM was a publicity stunt to increase his popularity for the party elections.

"PDRM’s efforts will not end once this election is over, I promise you that.
"The Ops Cantas programme has managed to increase the public’s level of trust in the police from 32 per cent to more than 80 per cent.

Therefore, we will continue with more crime prevention initaitves to restore the people’s faith in the police," he added.

Among the criminal activity which PDRM will monitor extra closely from next year onwards are gambling dens, drug syndicates and vice.

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