Watch “Polis Bertindak Mengikut SOP” on YouTube



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2 responses to “Watch “Polis Bertindak Mengikut SOP” on YouTube

  1. Dalip Singh

    Dear YB Minister,

    Do not be too worried about all the negative comments the public throw at you. I know what you mean when you say the Police also need to be looked after. My late Father was a very senior CID Officer and he has been shot in line of duty. I am in the corporate sector myself and have many friends who are Senior Police Officers. They are dedicated professionals and always the public will “hentam” the Police Force. Its not right. Off course every department or office (public or private sector) has bad apples but the majority are very good people.

    We must always remember the Police are in the front-line to defend the public and its is NOT an easy job, I know.

    Carry on with your work as Home Minister and do your best. I may not be a BN supporter but nevertheless, you are a Minister and I fully support and encourage you in your mission.

    Majulah KDN and PDRM!


  2. YB Dato’, on your tough action against crime I support you all the way. However the article in Free Malaysia Today disturbs me. I hope it is just exaggerated but if there is some truth I hope that we can truly support our men and women in blue to do their job properly, to fight crime effectively so that we the people are no longer afraid to walk on the streets. I hope we don”t read articles like this again In the meantime keep up the good work. To me it is one of the most effective 5 months any Home Minister have ever had. All the best to you for your next few years and for the UMNO elections.

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